Amsalem offers you the option to choose to work with any of the business travel management systems.


Innovative managed travel technology company that is revolutionizing how the travel management industry operates and the way TMCs and corporations engage.

Unbeatable inventory and experience

Prevent leakage by giving your travelers a B2C shopping experience with all the travel brands they crave! Atriis provides the world’s largest inventory of flights, hotels, transportation and services from direct, non-direct, NDC and GDS channels—in a digital environment that corporate travelers know and love.

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ComBTAS specializes in expense and travel management systems for business companies and organizations. Its excellent team works hard to optimize and simplify business expenses and the travel process and make it cost-effective for any sized corporation.

ComBTAS offers an abundance of knowledge merged together with experience to build expense & travel systems and apps. ComBTAS offers end-to-end solutions that can help you control your budget and save money. In short, we make business travel lean, efficient, and economical.

ComBTAS started with one product – TAS – the employees’ business travel management system. The Coronavirus pandemic reduced business travel, and comBTAS identified the need for remote work solutions. New income tax regulations introduced in 2020 presented the opportunity to advance to a paperless model. This model led the company to develop the cExpense app – a simple expense management app that saves any organization time and trouble. cApprove was next in line - an approval management app that interfaces with TAS and cExpense and any accounting software available on the market. The company is currently working on additional apps like cWallet – an electronic wallet.

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The Promise of SAP Concur.
SAP Concur is the world’s leading brand for integrated travel, expense, and invoice management. Driven by a relentless pursuit to simplify and automate everyday processes, the solutions guide employees through business trips, transfer authorized charges directly into expense reports, and automate invoice approvals. By integrating near real-time data and using AI to analyze transactions, businesses can see what they’re spending, improve compliance, and avoid possible blind spots in the budget. SAP Concur is imagining a world where travel and expenses practically manage themselves, helping businesses run at their best every day.


Each of Amsalem's agents is a business travel agent who takes an active role in planning business travel policies, in analyzing and examining the costs and managing the client's business travel portfolio in all its aspects, while ensuring a high level of service, transparency and professional knowledge in the business travel industry.

  • ❖ Creative solutions for complex flights
  • ❖ Obtaining available seats at attractive prices
  • ❖ Close cooperation with all the airlines
  • ❖ Hotel reservation specialty
  • ❖ Ordering all ground services: hotels, cars, trains
  • ❖ Dealing with any changes in flight routes and accommodations and providing ongoing assistance in emergencies
  • ❖ Placing reservations according to traveler’s profile.
  • ❖ 24/7/365
  • ❖ Issuing travel insurance